Upcoming art events

Dear Creative Friend,

Here is info about my art-related whereabouts for the next few weeks. Please stop by when & if you have time. You’ll enjoy the diverse creativity of my fellow artists & we’d all be delighted to see you!

Please send me a note if you prefer to not receive emails from me about art activities.

I’m thinking of you!

With gratitude & cheer,


American Highbush Cranberry (Viburnum tribolum)

Sue’s artistic whereabouts in Nov. & Dec.

Fine-Craft Holiday Pop-Up
(New name & location for photographer Lisa Lardy’s art boutique)
Sat., Nov. 15, 10 A.M.–5 P.M.
Home of jeweler Bridget Clark—5012-12th Ave. So.
Mpls. 55417
Ten accomplished local artists
Jewelry, fiber, photos, pottery, prints, paintings

Green Gifts Fair
Sat., Nov. 22, 10 A.M.–5 P.M.
Midtown Global Market
Lake St. & 10th Ave., Mpls. 55407
80 artists & craftspeople

Women’s Art Festival
Sat., Dec. 13, 9:30 A.M.–4:30 P.M.
Colin Powell Youth Leadership Center
2924-4th Ave. So., Mpls. 55408
130 women artists & craftspeople

See & shop for my prints and note cards:

Edina Art Center
4701 West 64th St., Edina, 55435

Gifts in the Gallery through Dec. 23

Three Sisters Eclectic Arts
252 East 4th St., St. Paul, 55101
3,000 square feet of creativity in Lowertown

I survived the Fresh Art Tour of 2014

We’ve just finished up day one of the Fresh Art Tour where art collectors of all stripes have had a wealth of art to peruse, absorb, enjoy and purchase. The fifteen sites on the tour here in Western Wisconsin, Pepin, Peirce and Buffalo Counties, have opened there doors to folks from as far as St. Louis (and possibly further) in large part due to a very nice article in Midwest Living this last year.

We may be able to print tshirts bragging that we ‘Survived the Fresh Art Tour of 2014′ due to reports of snow overnight. Will you be one of those intrepid visitors?

Four paintings, two watercolors and two oils found new homes today. Thank you Adoptees/Collectors, Sharon M and Betty R.

Jean Accola Site 1

Fun with nature printing

At Flaming Fire Art Studio, site 12, we’ll be surrounded by Kaye’s magical ceramics and paintings while John and Mark fire the raku kiln. Make your own raku leaf! In the midst of this excitement, I’ll be demonstrating nature printing. Stop by to print a leaf—by hand and without chemicals—and really see the beauty of nature.—Sue Filbin, fortunate guest artist

Martin the Studio Chicken Update

Martin continues to inspire me — this is a clock in progress entitled “Martin Goes to the Beach” — you can see that there is a lot of color and detail still to be done, not to mention the clock mechanism (a better idea to add AFTER the firing!).
Martin does not usually wear a bikini, she is a very modest chicken and prefers a one-piece look. Linda Day
Site #2

Unexpected Satisfaction, with cows.

I recently set out to paint in a local haunt known as "Swede Ramble". Having seen a small brook that ran under the road, I stopped and set up my easel on the one lane bridge that sat over it. I was drawn to the way the sky was reflected in the clear cool water.

I painted for quite some time unimpeded except for a brief chat with the neighbor and her three sweet dogs who in their excitement nearly cast my setup into the creek. The painting was a bit of a struggle.

After finishing the cows had moved in closer for a drink, and being a spendthrift, I used the leftover paint to do a quick sketch of one of them.

Here are both of this efforts, one that was a struggle all of the way through, and one that seemed effortless, and in the end made me very happy to be a painter.


Circles serve as symbolic elements in GChris Sculptures, Site 8

GChris Sculptures – www.GChris.com

GChris mobile and stabile sculptures are created from the most basic of elements. Lines represent beginning, negative, or threat. Curves represent change, transition, or evolution. Circles represent being, wholeness, or, at times, nothingness. When these basic elements join and are in motion as mobiles and stabiles, they carry the message of "large, positive, creative and sustainable change," a strong optimistic expression of the human condition, and the driving mission of building a thriving future for all forever.

Sculpture “encircled but free” – Though encircled and restrained, we remain free as the chimes signal and celebrate that freedom and the associated joy.

Sculpture “Thrive! for all forever” – Thrive! for all forever lays out our challenge "build and sustain a thriving future for all forever". In my “Thrive! – all thrive forever” policy and sculpture, circles are used symbolically to create the infinity symbol (two interlocked circles) signifying “forever” and to create “all” (three interlocked circles).

Fall Leaves

Create you own Raku Fall leaves at Flaming Fire Art Studio site # 12 on this Fall Art Tour.
Kaye and John Luetke

Competing in Grand Marais

Spent the first full week of the month participating in a Plein Air competition in Grand Marais, MN. There was a talented field of 60 artists from MN WI Canada and beyond. I painted a hand full of paintings throughout the week, and enjoyed much camaraderie with old and new friends.

The highlight of the weekend for me was the 90 minute quick paint held on Artists Point. It was much quicker than those I am accustomed to, but in the end it was my favorite piece of the week, and it found a good home at the opening.

Can’t wait for the tour!

#1 Anderson’s Fish House
#2 Croftville Cairn
#3 Quick paint-  Artist Point Interior