Colors of Trinidad

I love color, really love color and was in the perfect place to further my painting skills in acrylic when we spent two months in Trinidad, WI this last winter. The Scarlet Ibis and the Parrots in a Poui Tree are a pair, about three feet tall. Most of you probably don’t realize that in college, for a while, I thought I was headed toward ornithology, the study of birds. An advisor suggested I start painting birds, knowing my interest in art. I never really did until this trip. They just ‘begged’ to be painted, in their colorful abundance.

Legacy Shared

I will be returning this year to Site 13, the Little Plum Schoolhouse. Built in 1899, it is pristinely preserved and lovingly cared for by members of the Little Plum Lutheran Church, which sits on the same property.
Last year was my first year with the Fresh Art Tour, and I was touched by the incredible sense of community and connection expressed by the local visitors. I heard stories from people who attended that little school, and whose families farm the surrounding area.
The spirit of preservation is alive and well – not only for the relics of the past, but for a way of life. Take a drive out into the country this weekend, and take some of that spirit home with you.

Frame Building

Had a long but enjoyable week participating in Durand’s Go Paint plein air event, where I was furtunate to have won a couple of awards for my quick paint and nocturne entries. Now that that has ended, I have turned my focus to building frames for the spring art tour.

Framing is my least favorite aspect of art making, and having more time than money has afforded me the opportunity to delve into the finer points of carpentry. As well as the less fine points (in my case) of properly cut mitre joints.
Today is day two at the saws, and just the second of many to come.

Can’t wait to see you all at Little Plum and show you what I’ve been up to!

Matt Anderson
Little Plum Schoolhouse

Trinidad Scoolgirls

These little sweetie were on there way to school with their Grandma in Lafilette, Trinidad. Grandma gave me permission to photograph. They were the first portraits I attempted while there. I was still working on that painting yesterday. This is an earlier stage of the painting.