Site 1 Accola Gallery
1. Accola Gallery
502 2nd Ave E, Durand, WI

Gallery Hours: Open by chance or appointment.

Paintings in watercolor, acrylic and oil. Travel vicariously with Jean Accola through her annual painting trips abroad. 2017 took her to the Leeward Islands of the Carribean.

2. The Purple Turtle Artisan Collective
N2020 Spring Street, Stockholm, WI

A fresh collective of national, regional, and local artisans whose work has been specially curated for it’s functionality and beauty.

FEATURED ARTIST: Diane Millner, beautifully functional pottery.

3. Indigo Swan Gallery
N2051 Spring St., Stockholm, WI

Open year round by appointment.

Jewelry beautifully crafted by Ann Mooney, Jeweler/Proprietress. Semi-precious gems, pearls and many metals. Also, works of 35 artisans in various disciplines on display.

Site 4 Little Plum Pottery
4. Little Plum Pottery
Art Gannett & Barbara Andersen
N3203 Plum Valley Rd, Plum City WI

Open year-round by appointment.

Stoneware Pottery by Art Gannett & Barbara Andersen. Little Plum Pottery lies deep in the valley of Little Plum Creek, as serene and secluded as any site could be.

GUEST ARTIST: Casey Maude - stoneware pottery.

DEMONSTRATION: Ongoing potter's wheel demonstrations - watch or try it yourself!

Site 5 Leah Werner Ceramics
5. Leah Werner Ceramics
N1250 Co Rd CC, Maiden Rock, WI

Hours: Open by appointment.

In a quaint, renovated 1920’s garage, I create whimsical garden sculptures of clay. Custom pets are also available.

FEATURED ARTIST: Darrell “Chopper” Bowman, stoneware pots that are simply beautiful and intentionally useful.

6. Kendra Gebbia Baillie at Pleasant Corner Schoolhouse
W11798 Pleasant Corner Rd., Stockholm, WI

Our beautifully renovated, late 1800’s schoolhouse is filled with natural light and charm. Here you’ll find my woodcut prints on paper, glass and fabric, inspired by patterns found
in plants, textiles and vintage wares.

Site 7 Cultural Cloth
7. Cultural Cloth
W3560 Hwy 35, Maiden Rock, WI

Hours: Open Thursday-Sunday, 10-5pm

As featured in the NY Times, the home décor collection at Cultural Cloth is like stepping into a colorful jewel box full of hand made textiles you’ve not seen before.

Site 8 David Meixner Studio

8. David Meixner Studio
PO Box 217, Bay City, WI

Stoneware pottery, photography. My studio is on 20 acres surrounded by the quiet and beautiful backwaters of the Mississippi River.

9. Little Plum Schoolhouse
W8851 Cty Road N, Pepin, WI

Built in 1899, this is the perfect setting for three artists who hold a special reverence for the area’s rural heritage.

Featured Artists:
Matt Anderson - Plein air oil paintings of the Chippewa Valley.
Cindy King - Earthy, organic jewelry of copper, sterling, and recycled metals.
Wendy Ike - Watercolor & acrylic paintings.

Site 10 Gail Pommerening

10. Gail Pommerening Studio
N944 133rd St, Plum City, WI

Hours: Open by appointment.

All that you love about this area, I hope you will find in my paintings: little critters, birds singing, and beautiful sunsets.

11. Richard Spiller Studio
S673 Hwy F, Nelson, WI

Come see my eclectic claywork at my one acre home studio site in lovely downtown Urne, WI.

Site 12 Flaming Fire Art Studio

12. Flaming Fire Art Studio
N3002 Co Rd CC, Maiden Rock, WI

Hours: Open year round by chance or appointment

Clay art tile, garden mosaics, sculpture and oil paintings. Immerse yourself in my art work and be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find at the end of this peaceful country drive.

Featured artist:
Carol Pruchofski - oil and pastel. Carol is an artist who loves to paint the effect of light with an emphasis on color temperature and saturation.

Guest artists:
Mark Lusardi - Raku firing & creative artwork.

13. Smith Brothers Landing
200 E. Marina Drive, Pepin, WI

Lake Pepin is on our doorstep. We surround our metal and glass art with our favorite perennials and views of the lake and bluffs.