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BNOX Jewelry Studio - A
108 Cedar Street
Pepin, Wisconsin
Rebecca casts natural branches and seed pods in both silver and gold. The often overlooked, intricate beauty of miniscule nodes, buds and veins are paired with alluring gemstones to create her jewelry. Procure splendid unset gem, fossil or specimen from a mineral collective on display at BNOX.
  • Casts Natural Designs
  • Branches & Seed Pods
  • Silver & Gold
  • Intricate Beauty

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Explore scenic backroads and enjoy the seasonal art and artistry on self-guided tour to our home studios and galleries. Throughout the picturesque villages & countryside of Pepin, Pierce and Buffalo counties, the artists who call this area home welcome you. Come hear their stories and take home a bit of their inspiration. Grab a snack, pick up a tour map at any one of the many sites and watch for Fresh Art Tour signs along the way. We hope to see you on the tour in 2023!
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